Meet the Expert

SICAS provides innovation consulting for companies and connects them to science, clinical research, engineering and enterprises.


Project Funding

Are you planning to apply for a CTI project?

SICAS experts can help you to work out the research plan and the proposal and to apply successfully.


Research Cooperation

Are you looking for an R&D cooperation?

SICAS experts are experienced scientists at Swiss Universities and Universities of Applied Science and are fully integrated in their respective national and international networks. They can help you

  • to find the partner and the support you need
  • to provide support for collaboration management



Clinical Research

Are you looking for a clinical partner? Do you need support in clinical study planning?  As a surgeon, are you looking for an industrial or an engineering partner? SICAS experts are experienced clinicians, clinical researchers or scientists working with clinical trials for testing new instruments for minimal invasive interventions or developing new methods for therapy. They can help you

  • to identify the right partner and organize joint projects
  • to solve clinical protocol or ethical application issues
  • to address certification processes


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