Universities and Hospitals

ETH Zurich  CVL

University Clinic Balgrist Zurich

University Hospital Basel  MKG

University of Basel  DBE  GRAVIS

University Hospital Bern  ORL

University of Bern  ARTORG  ISTB

NTB Buchs  ICE


Start-up Companies

The founding of dynamic young companies plays a decisive part in translating the research results obtained by the NCCR Co-Me/SICAS network into practice:

Ad Mirabiles AG

AOT Advanced Osteotomy Tools AG

Atracsys Sarl

CAScination AG

Crisalix AG

Di Meliora AG


Force Dimension

KB Medical AG (acquired by Globus Medical in 2017)


MiniNaviDent AG

NeoMedz GmbH

Ophthorobotics AG

Pregnolia AG

Shapemeans GmbH

Sonimodul AG

Virtamed AG

ZMT Zurich Medtech AG