Free Online Course on Shape Modelling

The University of Basel will be offering a new online course on shape modelling, starting on 22nd of February:

Statistical Shape Modelling: Computing the Human Anatomy

The course offers theoretical insights into the problem of modelling shape variations within shape families as well as practical experience in shape modelling using the open source software package scalismo. The theoretical core concept is based on Gaussian Processes for representing shape variability. This approach provides a unifying framework for statistical shape modelling and classical free form deformation techniques (e.g. splines). It also connects the research done in medical shape modelling with modern machine learning techniques.

The software scalismo, which is based on the programming language Scala, offers a simple scripting interface that is suitable for simple experiments and exercises during the course, requiring only basic programming skills. It also provides a full programming environment which is used in professional medical imaging applications. Additionally the concepts taught in this course are also available in a C++ version, which easily integrates into existing environments based on itk / vtk.