VirtaMed: 10 Years Shaping Medical Simulation

SICAS congratulates: VirtaMed turns 10 years on October 2nd, 2017.

VirtaMed is a Swiss company that develops & produces highly realistic surgical simulators for medical training. Surgeons use original instruments to train in a safe environment before performing surgeries on patients.

The origins of VirtaMed date back to 2001 when a hysteroscopy simulator project in the frame of the NCCR CO-ME of the Swiss National Science Foundation involving 16 PhD students was started. At the end of the project in 2007, six colleagues decided to start a company and to launch the venture VirtaMed. Today the company has 100 employees and 25 free-lancers, over 500 customers in all continents and over 700 simulators in the field.

Here are some highlights on what they have achieved so far and what they hope to achieve still.