Surgeon Course on 3D Software for OP Planning

SICAS offers courses for surgeons on cutting-edge technology for computer-assisted and image-guided interventions. The hands-on tutorials are given by our medical consultant Dr. med. Jörg Beinemann. Example of a course module on 3D software application in surgical planning at the medtech.lab in Courroux.



The Endoscopic Course for Paranasal Sinus and Skull Base Surgery (PSSB) and the Swiss Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course (SEES) organized at the SICAS clinical hub ENT Department of University Hospital Bern focus on practical training in the wet lab. They are run annually with an international audience of ENT surgeons. 



A Master of Advanced Studies in Computer Assisted Surgery is under preparation in collaboration with the University of Basel. The course is expected to start in spring 2019.


Internships for Local Students

SICAS offers internships for local students, such as of Ecole Superieure Technique (EST) in Porrentruy.

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