Shape models models answer two questions:
How does a normal shape of an anatomical structure looks like?
What are normal variations?
These questions are at the heart of medicin, and knowing the answer can benefit almost any medical application.

Example applications

Measurements and population statistics

Statistical shape models are ideal for measuring. You want to know the length distribution of the femur? Mark two points in the model and you will automatically get the full statistics over the modeled population. As shape models are 3D, you are not restricted to simple point measurements, but you can easily compute characteristic properties of any surface area.

Implant design by shape completion

Statistical shape models know how the normal shape of an anatomical structure looks like. Our software can automatically compute the best fitting shape given any part of the modeled structure. This makes it possible to compute perfectly fitting implants within minutes.

Model based segmentation and image analysis

Tired of segmenting 3D volumes slice by slice? Using a statistical shape model can greatly help to reduce the time you spend on a segmentation. Shape models know how the shape look like that you would like to segment. A few clicks from you will be sufficient for the model to know where the shape will be.

You have another application in mind ?

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