How we help

The NC-SSM offers services to help you with the integration of statistical shape models into your application.

Licensing of ready made shape models

We are offering a set of standard statistical shape models of various anatomical structures. The models are build from carefully selected datasets, for which we know at least the age, ethnic origin and gender of the individual. The data is carefully validated and we provide you with detailed information about the expected accuracy.

Buidling custom models

You would like to have a specific model for your application? We have the infrastructure ready to build a model that is tailored to your application. This model can either be built from your own data, or we use our network to also organize the data for you.

Consulting services

Our experts can help you integrating shape models into your application, and assist you regarding all questions you have concernign shape models.


Interested in shape models? We are offering tutorials and workshops regarding shape models in general and their practical application using our software statismo.